World Energy Markets Observatory: Transformation

Recasting the transformation agenda to enable growth and advance energy transition efforts in...

Making carbon neutrality a reality

Six energy industry recommendations for creating a more sustainable and resilient world from...


Energy and geopolitics are strongly intertwined

This trend of de-globalization has been amplified by the COVID-19 crisis.

Climate Change and Sustainability

How the energy sector is helping private and public organizations to achieve climate change...

World Energy Markets Observatory: Australia

Green energy sources are now responsible for 24% of Australia’s total electricity...

World Energy Markets Observatory: North America

2019 saw a continuation of North America’s struggle to address climate change

Creating a better normal

By 2030, 70% of transport fuel will still be petroleum based despite ambitious e-mobility...

Get The Future You Want

A new brand promise that captures the spirit of Capgemini

Application Services

Power efficiency, continuous improvement, and cost reduction

ADMnext can help lower application maintenance costs, manage a complicated landscape, and...

Application Services

Accelerate future change

ADMnext can assist in improving productivity and competitiveness with structured innovation...

Application Services

Optimize and secure the estate

ADMnext can help drive efficiency, and resiliency throughout your organization as a whole.

Application Services

Align with your industry and business requirements

ADMnext can power continuous and comprehensive transformation and growth, so you stay on top...

Application Services

Exploit and support the latest technologies and platforms

ADMnext can deliver rich programs of transformation, automation, DevOps adoption, and...

Banking & Capital Markets

The path to next-generation KYC-as-a-Service solutions

Gain insights into new and evolving strategies for financial institutions to perform Know...


Fit for Net-Zero

Investments in next generation clean technologies. 55 Tech Quests to accelerate Europe’s...

Brochure: Connected Office

Smarter, simpler ways to interact with your surroundings.

digital customer experience

Brochure: Connected Workspace

Your apps and data, your way.


Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers

Capgemini is proud to be in the Leaders quadrant in Gartner’s 2020 research analysis of Data...

World Payments Report 2020

This 16th edition highlights the need for payment firms to rapidly prioritize technology...

Public Goes AI – Point of View

Discover all about how Capgemini envisions AI’s potential for the Public Sector.

Monetizing Vehicle Data:

Our recent Connected Vehicle Trend Radar report confirmed that vehicle data monetization is...

Digital Transformation

Securing Enterprise IoT from Vulnerabilities and Breaches

Intel and Capgemini have combined their security expertise to deliver an end-to-end IoT...

World InsurTech Report 2020 Video

View video on World InsurTech Report 2020 key findings and see how critical times require a...

World InsurTech Report 2020 Infographic

Get an overview of World InsurTech Report 2020 findings with our quick-read infographic.


Connected Vehicle Trend Radar 2

Capgemini Invent is delighted to introduce the second issue of the Connected Vehicle Trend...


Lending Transformation Solution (LTS) – On Demand

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Skatteverkets resa mot självbetjäning – On Demand

Förmågan att utveckla och integrera olika delar av sin verksamhet för att möta nya kundbehov...


Spotlight series: Bringing Digital HR to life – On Demand

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eAPM webinar – Drive down your IT costs – Webinar On Demand

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Create from home with IDEAN – On Demand

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Digital Enablement of Intelligent Automation – Webinar On Demand

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Cybersecurity Webinar On Demand

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