Your career and development

Capgemini offers rewarding careers with development opportunities that will empower you to grow – both personally and professionally – and to excel at the domains that you are passionate about.

Experience that empowers you to excel

We work with some of the largest and most-recognized brands in the world. Time and again, our clients tell us that it is our people that set us apart from the competition. Capgemini offers an environment in which people can work at the very forefront of business and technology. Imagine working with thought leaders and experts from all around the world, implementing business technology projects that challenge the boundaries of what we consider to be possible, and doing all of this for some of the world’s leading brands. Can you imagine a better environment in which to gain experience?

Support on your journey

With over 2000 colleagues in Sweden, over 3500 in Scandinavia, and 270 000 globally, you are part of a sharp, technology and business focused community. The diversity of this on-the-job experience, combined with mentorship from industry experts and the opportunity to upgrade your skills through our Learning and Development platforms, will empower you to take control of your career and take advantage of the numerous personal development opportunities that will present themselves to you at Capgemini.

Our learning & development

Our digital learning experiences

Our physical learning experiences

  1. Supports learner and business needs
  2. Aligns to business demand and forecasts
  3. Develops both hard and soft skills
  4. Focuses on employee development
  5. Puts clients at the heart of everything
  1. Dynamic and up-to-date
  2. Develop in-demand skills
  3. Intuitive and collaborative tools
  4. Accessible from anywhere at anytime
  5. Initiatives like global hackathons



  1. World-class facilities in France, India, & N. America
  2. Flips the traditional classroom
  3. Collaborative and innovative learning
  4. Professional networking opportunities
  5. Chance to solve business challenges

Our learning landscape

Capgemini University plays a key role in furthering your learning journey. In one year, Capgemini University’s global curriculum delivers more than 6.5 million learning hours to employees all over the world.

Our online learning portal “Next” gathers thousands of online courses from world-class libraries, including Coursera and Harvard Spark, in one place – allowing you to build your own development path forward. “Next” is available for all employees at all times, and gives you 100% free access to all Coursera content, certifications included. Pluralsight licenses are also provided, based on business needs.

Additional learning opportunities include global learning and mobilization events hosted at e.g. our Les Fontaines campus, where recurring events include: Business Priority Weeks, Consulting Week, Community Week and Talent Week.

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