Hey, you!

Yes, you, with around 2 to 4 years of work experience in SAP or Cloud!

How are things going for you? Have your career dreams come true? Is your job still challenging or do you find that your development has slowed down? Do you know that you have so much more to learn and offer? With Capgemini’s 2-year Accelerate Program for SAP and Cloud specialists, we are confident that your direction will be focused, your ambition more challenged, and your skills greatly expanded.

Step on the gas

With the Accelerate Program, you’ll be comfortably seated to step on the gas and take off. The 2-year program is tailored for a fast and relevant development path and lets you switch between classroom trainings that can be applied immediately to purpose-driven client work. The training lets you grow your technical skills as well as leverage your leadership potential and business acumen.

Have fun!

Beyond an accelerated learning path and challenging client work, you will share an eventful and exciting journey with other Accelerators. From day 1, you will share the fun with equally committed and team-spirited new peers. Throughout the 2 years, you will be involved in a variety of activities together, meeting during the planned classroom trainings.

Be one of the selected few and apply for:

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The Accelerate Program consists of:

  • Training focusing on tech tracks, business development, and leadership to give you unique insights on how to run a market-leading tech consultancy.
  • Tech Tracks – Individual technology competence trainings with partners and platforms to accelerate technical expertise
    • Cloud Revolution for Developers
    • Next Generation SAP for ERP professionals
  • Working on engagements with support from seniors and mentors
  • Networking and social activities

By completing this program, you will have accelerated your career through technical expertise, a deepened understanding of the business, and extensive network with and met many new friends. With this experience, we believe that you will be our new technical leaders and business leaders.

Reach the clouds with us

Make your move by applying now or at the latest by July 31st. We will select the very best candidates to our Accelerate Program during the coming months and hope that you are ready to accelerate your career at Capgemini by October 2018.