Capgemini IgnITe Graduate Program provides a tailor-made development path for junior consultants and helps them grow from a graduate to a fully qualified consultant. The IgnITe Graduate Program runs for 18 months in parallel with your customer assignments and provides training adapted to your skills as well as your consultant techniques. As Capgemini is a global company with operations in more than 40 countries with 190,000 employees, there are no limits to what you can achieve with us.

What to expect:

  • Proceed your first successful assignment
  • Tailor-made training based on your consultant profile
  • Guidance from a mentor
  • Being engaged in internal projects to drive business
  • Networking with colleagues and clients
  • Finding the opportunity of international experience

Roles within the program:
Software Engineer, Tester, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Cyber Security Consultant, ERP Consultants, Software Develpor and Data Scientist.

Required language:
Fluent in Swedish

Length of the program:
18 months

IgnITe starts:
First week of September and February

The application period is now closed and will open again this fall.

Follow a career path

The Capgemini Graduate Program IgnITe have seven different career paths with different focus areas and you will belong to one based on your technical skills and area of interest. The different career paths have customized education plan with both teacher led trainings, certifications, self-studies from a wide range of internal educational materials and other events that will boost your role as a Junior Consultant here at Capgemini.

Agile Management

Within the Agile Management path will you learn how to manage different frameworks and toolset to become a Project Manager the Capgemini way. You will be able to take full responsibility for a project plan, budget and staffing requirements for the delivery organization.

As a Project Manager at Capgemini, you can work with a wide range of sectors but also within different business units. You can either work in projects that covers the important of building a successful infrastructure or you can develop and maintain a client’s ERP-systems or work in project where you focusing on developing a great digital experience for the customer. It is up to you and your interest of choice.

Business Process Design

Within this path will you be specialized in the core business processes in any of the supporting systems; SAP or Microsoft Dynamics. You will get detailed knowledge of all the aspects of the software as well as the domain in which it is used.

Key is a business minded approach where we deliver customer business value through business process and system improvement

Business Analyst

Within this path, will you become an expert to analyze structure and visualize an enterprise’s current state; design and visualize the future state; and design and guide the change process from the current to the future state, to enable transformation and performance improvement.

Cyber Security

Within this path, will you get a detailed knowledge of all the aspects of the application and data base design as well as understanding of the security aspects for the domain in which it is used. You will get foundational IT security knowledge and skills to be able to build a successful career in Cybersecurity.

Digital Testing

Within this path will you be specialized with the verification and validation of the products developed during the development process. This includes definition and execution of test scripts, or acceptance criteria and accurate reporting of results.

Innovative Tech

Within this path will you be specialized as a software engineer. A software engineer designs, develops, or maintains applications or application environments. The activities of a software engineer include coding, integrating, implementing, installing or changing frameworks and standard components; or technical and functional application management. You will be certified in either Java or .NET within this path.  

Insights & Data

We in the Insights & Data team help our clients drive valuable insights from structured and unstructured data. Working as a software engineer within our team, you will be specialized in managing, interpreting and presenting large volumes of data. We usually call that Big Data and Analytics. Today’s Business Intelligence is about the transition from classical to modern BI landscapes, for both Business and IT.

Within Insights & Data, you will follow one of the following paths: (1) Software Developer, where you get the opportunity to be trained in Microsoft, Informatica and platforms such as Hadoop, Talend, Python. (2) Data Scientist, you will focus on SAS, R and Python. (3) Business Analyst, where you will be trained in business analysis and processes or as a (4) Project Manager, where you will learn to drive agile projects connected to our Practice.

Pixel Perfect Frontend

Within this will you be specialized as a frontend developer. You will work with new technology and the focus area will be to create, modify and develop our customers interfaces to create high quality user and web experience.

Be empowered to shape your career

The Capgemini Graduate Program IgnITe is your opportunity to be empowered, connected, fulfilled encouraged and rewarded. IgnITe will provide you a foundation to accelerate upon. During the graduate program our fresher’s have taken a lot of ownership and built a network at client and internally. After the graduate program, they have leveraged their experience and become technical leads, innovation experts, team managers and Capgemini super consultants.

This is your unique chance to develop both as a person and in your professional role. Take this opportunity to be in charge of your own career, building your network, taking on responsibility, and sharing your ideas on how you want to develop within the organization.