The application for the February 2018 IgnITe program is open and the last day of applying is the 18th of November!


Be empowered to shape your career

Capgemini IgnITe Graduate Program provides a tailor-made development path for junior consultants and helps them grow from a graduate to a fully qualified consultant. The IgnITe Graduate Program runs in parallel with your customer assignments and provides advanced courses both at your local office and around our offices in Sweden and Norway.

You are in charge of your own career, building your network, taking on responsibility, and sharing your ideas on how you want to develop within the organization.

About IgnITe Graduate Program

The Capgemini IgnITe Graduate Program contains role-adapted development as well as elements that include your graduate colleagues. As Capgemini is a global company with operations in more than 40 countries with 190,000 employees, there are no limits to what you can achieve with us.

The 18-month program starts with a joint introduction in Stockholm where you are introduced to our management and our ways of working. The first six months of the program, you will attend a number of courses and networking meetings based on your consultant profile. Beyond that, it is your ambitions and interests that decide the focus of your program and enable you to be the professional you want to be at Capgemini. After the first six months of the Graduate Program, we host a mentor program where you are teamed with a more senior colleague who helps guides and challenges you throughout the year before your graduation ceremony.

During the 18 months, the graduates will have the opportunity to build an international network and travel to one of our Capgemini offices or client sites to get individual global experience within the Capgemini Network. Networking is one of the core components in building a successful career at Capgemini and the Graduate Program IgnITe offers plenty of opportunities through dinners and events to build and develop your internal and external network.

The IgnITe Graduate Program and its trainings will be provided in Swedish so the graduates needs to be able to communicate in Swedish.

Working as Junior IT Consultant

From day one at Capgemini, you will be a part of a consultant team, working with senior team members on customer engagements. Working in close collaboration with our customers, our goal is to help them meet the business challenges of tomorrow. Your technical competence is important to us and we will invest in your education and certifications, as well as invite you to contribute to our popular competence networks.

The different roles/competence areas that are available within the Graduate Program are as follows:

  • Business Application Consultant – ERP & Business Processes
  • Software Engineer
  • Infrastructure Services Technology Consultant
  • Cyber security Consultant

Below, you can find a more detailed introduction to the roles available in the program.

Working as Business Application Consultant

Role description

Business application consultants are specialists in the core business processes and any of the supporting systems; SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics. They have detailed knowledge of all the aspects of the software as well as the domain in which it is used. As a business application consultant, you translate a customer’s business processes into technical designs, develop and maintain a client’s applications and systems, or work with testing or training. Developing sector knowledge is important, as an application consultant has to focus on a specific business domain.

Experience in any ERP-solution such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics is of value.

Preferable skills for a business application consultant

  • Driven by understanding business processes
  • Passion for business improvement and strategy enhancement
  • Interest for tools
  • Attention to details
  • Enjoy explaining things

Areas of focus

As a business application consultant, you will specialize in any of the areas mentioned below. Either in SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics or in several of the system solutions.

Human Capital Management

Working with Human Capital Management, you will develop expertise to support the management of an enterprise’s employees, such as recruitment, performance measurement, and automation of HR processes.

Finance and Controlling

The Finance and Controlling processes are used for financial enterprise resource planning, such as cost accounting and predictions. Working in this domain, you will develop IT skills combined with financial understanding.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is about gaining customer insight. As a consultant specializing in this domain, you will be an expert in helping enterprises boost their sales, services and marketing effectiveness using a packaged ERP-solution.

Supply Chain Management

As a supply chain management consultant, you will focus on the ERP portfolio supporting the flow of goods. You will work with technology that strengthens a client’s processes of resourcing its manufacturing and service processes.


As a consultant working with technology, you will become a master of the core ERP platforms, such as SAP HANA in-memory database or similar.

Working as Software Engineer

Role description

A software engineer designs, develops, or maintains applications or application environments. The activities of a software engineer include coding, integrating, implementing, installing or changing frameworks and standard components; or technical and functional application management. A software engineer also develops languages, methods, frameworks and tools, and/or undertakes activities to support server-based databases in development, test and production environments.

Preferable skills for a software engineer

As a software engineer, you need to have the following skills:

  • Have a passion for coding
  • Enjoy teamwork
  • Have discipline and perseverance
  • Are driven by making something work

Area of focus

As a software engineer, you will specialize in any of below areas:


As a Java developer, you will specialize in different Java standards.


As a .Net developer, you will specialize in Microsoft’s .Net platform.


As a SharePoint developer, you will specialize in Microsoft’s SharePoint platform.

Frontend developer

As a Frontend developer, you will specialize in web technologies and frameworks.

Working as Cloud Infrastructure Services Consultant

Role Description

Our Infrastructure Services group delivers everything from service integration and information security to programme leadership and infrastructure technologies. You will contribute ideas, inspire your team, and work positively with both clients and colleagues. Before long, you will be creating new ways to transform business performance through technology. This is a technical role, so you will need some knowledge of things like cloud, IT infrastructure, enterprise grade tools, cyber security or virtualization. A degree such as Computer Science, Physics, Math or IT is vital too. Who you are is just as important. You need to be analytical, curious, eager to learn, and ready to tackle the most complex problems.

As a graduate within Cloud Infrastructure Services, you will work closely with clients to make sure we provide them with an excellent experience. Client-facing roles you might eventually work in include:

Sales support consultancy initial sales and consulting engagements

Project management of implementation and ongoing delivery

Service delivery management of client engagements

At the same time you’ll be learning about the technology environments and architectures that we and our clients use. The Infrastructure Services team works in areas like cloud, data centers and data storage solutions, offering consultancy, service provision and management, and full outsourcing of infrastructure management.

Preferred skills for an IT infrastructure consultant

As an IT infrastructure consultant, you should have the following skills;

  • Are analytical
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Are outgoing and have a team-oriented mindset
  • Have an interest in IT/technology
  • Prior experience within cyber security and IT-infrastructure

To succeed in this role, you need to be energized by frequent changes and has an enormous appetite for learning. You will enjoy using your natural credibility to build the trust of clients.

Working as Cyber Security Consultant

Role description

Cyber security consultants are application and data base specialists in a generic technology environment. They have detailed knowledge of all the aspects of the application and data base design as well as understanding of the security aspects for the domain in which it is used. As a Cyber security consultant, you work on bases for standard bransch technology, best practices standards of security requirement,  and measure these into technical designs, by a review of application and data base development. You perform security testing, data security review assessment, penetration testing and sometimes friendly hack attacks as part of assessing client’s applications and systems, or assist with security measurement and testing or training. Strong security and cyber security knowledge is important as a Cyber security consultant has to focus on a specific business risks, threats and governance.

Preferable skills for a Cyber security Consultant

As an Cyber security Consultant, you need to have the following skills:

  • Master in Science or Bachelor with degree in Information security or equivalent
  • Indebt understanding of information security global standards such as ISO27001, Cobit and similar
  • Genuine interest in pursuing certifications such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker, EC-Council Certified Network Defender, ITIL Foundation
  • Knowledge and understanding of security best practices
  • Driven by understanding security processes and technology
  • Enjoy explaining things, can learn others,

Areas of focus

As an Cyber security consultant, you will specialize as either

  •          Cyber security Specialist
  •          Cyber security Project Manager
  •          Cyber security Architect

Apply for the Graduate Program IgnITe

The Capgemini Graduate Program IgnITe is your opportunity to be empowered, connected, fulfilled encouraged and rewarded. This is your unique chance to develop both as a person and in your professional role. Take this opportunity to take charge of your own career, building your network, taking on responsibility, and sharing your ideas on how you want to develop within the organization.