Digital Learning Operations – feeding the curiosities of the mind

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The more you invest in digital learning, the higher the uptake of reskilling programs, leading to a more switched-on, curious workforce, and real employee delight.

These days there is a real dichotomy about what we expect as consumers. We love Uber, and unmanned check-in gates at the airport, ordering and paying for things with ease online, but each of these technologies is impacting the workforces of the sectors they are emanating from.

For organizations it’s necessary to ask:

  • What is the impact new technologies such as AI and automation are having on our organization?
  • What are the opportunities for the people that are being impacted by these technologies?
  • How do we reskill our people for new roles and new technologies?

It’s imperative to grab opportunities that come from new technologies and to battle apprehension and the fear of change.

Technology is taking over, we are adopting it at an incredible pace. It’s likely that our children will have jobs that we’ve never even heard of. Reskilling workforces has become critical for organizations, for people, and for the world at large.

The more you invest in digital learning, the higher the uptake of reskilling programs, which leads to a more switched-on, curious workforce the long term. What is the experience organizations want to deliver to their employees?

At Capgemini our approach is not just to deliver an efficient and effective HR service, but one that delivers delight, real employee delight. Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations delivers extraordinary value, and our clients have enjoyed 50% efficiencies in learning operations and process optimizations, and 40% savings in cost-to-serve through our vendor management frameworks.

But it’s also about the enhancement of employer brand and reputation. We all want to be in workplaces in which we feel invested in, in which we can explore different opportunities. We want to feel free to feed the curiosities of the mind and be ready for the digital change that is all around us.

Digital Learning Operations brings this consumer interface to learners and instills a culture of curiosity and playfulness, raising people’s awareness of the digital tools that are available to them. It’s all about a human-centered approach to technology – something we call The Capgemini Effect. We invite organizations to embark on their journey to digital transformation. We invite them to experience The Capgemini Effect.

To find out more about how Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations can transform your HR function and employee satisfaction, contact:

Learn more about how Digital Learning Operations provides a next-generation learning platform that delivers multimodal, blended learning and enhanced business value.

Anjali Pendlebury-Green  is an expert in the field of HR outsourcing and transformation, specializing in delivering HR solutions that leverage global outsourcing platforms, leading edge technology, stack offers, and process standardization. Anjali has led award-winning HRO teams for large multinational companies with a special focus on the manufacturing sector.

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