SAP Transformation with Virtustream

Realize the Cloud Advantage for SAP HANA® and SAP® S/4HANA


SAP Transformation is a purpose-built end-to-end solution that provides enterprise modernization and transformation for legacy SAP environments to enable SAP HANA and S/4HANA deployments in a private or hybrid cloud.

Developed in partnership with Virtustream and VMware, SAP Transformation delivers:

  • Distinct service levels at the application layer 
  • Better cost efficiency for SAP workloads
  • True consumption-based pricing models


The Next Steps in Your SAP Journey

  • Perhaps you want to unlock business value from your IT landscape by moving your SAP workloads to a private or hybrid cloud, but you are concerned about the cost, time, security and potential disruption in moving them to a cloud environment.
  • Or maybe you are looking for ways to drive agility and innovation in your organization from a technology standpoint, and at the same time need to reduce the costs associated with running a large and complex legacy environment.

Our SAP Transformation solution covers migration services, application management, service management, process digitization, redesign for SAP landscapes, and the cloud platform with managed services.

Through its automation, cloud migration, and deployment, the solution enables you to:

  • Lower OpEx and CapEx costs
  • Innovate rapidly and get value from your investments quickly
  • Improve business agility
  • Deliver real-time business insights

SAP Transformation



Extracting More Value from SAP using the Cloud: Michael Gallo, Capgemini talks to theCUBE

Working with Capgemini provides you with world-class expertise in SAP and Cloud alongside a best of breed partner network.

We partner with Virtustream because of their xStream cloud management platform that delivers fully certified SAP, HANA, and S/4HANA environments that can scale to almost any size, with the security, compliance, availability and performance that enterprise customers require. We selected EMC and VMware technologies for their high-scale automated application delivery in private and hybrid cloud environments.


How Does SAP Transformation Benefit Customers?

Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

  • Private cloud: Extends the life of legacy SAP environments. We can help you move from legacy hardware to a virtualized solution for private cloud SAP applications. This will improve utilization of existing SAP resources, lower CapEx, and reduce vendor lock-in.  
  • Hybrid cloud: Lowers or eliminates CAPEX. The higher utilization of hardware reduces the investment required for the same capacity workload. For cloud or hybrid environments, avoid CapEx entirely with a flexible, consumption-based, "pay for the infrastructure that you use" pricing model.

Enables Business Agility with Minimal Business Disruption

We will lead your move from legacy SAP on fixed hardware to a modern SAP in a private or hybrid cloud setting with minimal disruption to your business and provide you with the business agility you need:

  • Real-time business: SAP Transformation helps you gain insights from real time applications, analytics and transactional intelligence so you can respond to changing business demands and opportunities as they arise.
  • Faster innovations: We can provide a sandbox that allows you to quickly launch new services, try out new ideas and then scale rapidly to respond to changing business demands.
  • Flexibility: A private or hybrid cloud service gives you tremendous flexibility because you can add or remove resources, moving applications to the cloud and back in line with your business requirements.
  • Cloud elasticity: Your business can reap the full benefits of cloud by scaling up or down in response to business cycles and seasonality.

Exceptional Customer Experience

End-to-end solutions: Our services include strategy, design, migration and management services, as well as industry-specific frameworks for SAP, SAP HANA, S/4HANA, and the cloud platform.

  • A world-leader and partner in SAP services for 40 years
  • Deep industry experience, proven methodologies, and industry IP assets
  • Reliable and Secure: Compliant cloud platform with strong service levels at the application level and disaster recovery options. The SAP Transformation cloud platform employs a multi-faceted approach to security in order to safeguard your data.


Whether you’re ready to embrace the full power of the cloud or just want to test your applications with a proof of concept, please contact us today.

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