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Bringing expertise and passion for innovation and technology to World Rugby

“Rugby is a team sport in which you can’t accomplish anything without the rest of your teammates.” - Serge Kampf, Founder of Capgemini

We are proud to be the Global Innovation Partner of the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. Capgemini has contributed to the world of rugby for over 25 years, supporting grass-roots teams, national clubs, and on the international stage as a sponsor of the 2007 Rugby World Cup. We love rugby and are thrilled at this opportunity to do more, for the game and for the fans.

Here’s why we love Rugby Sevens!

Introducing the Capgemini Momentum Tracker Award

For the 2019-20 season, we have worked together with World Rugby to develop the Momentum Tracker, a new and unique way to understand team performance. Aggregating a wide range of match data, the Momentum Tracker analyzes and measures a team’s performance and its ability to improve throughout the campaign.

Results will be tracked cumulatively over the entire season, culminating in an award given at the end of the season, at the World Rugby awards ceremony, to both the captain and coach of the most improved team.

You can track the progress of the teams here.

“The Momentum Tracker is a great example of how Capgemini continues to innovate and explore ways to track and encourage improvements to the game and the fan experience.” – Brett Gosper, Chief Executive, World Rugby

Rugby7s Innovation Journey

Rugby7s | AIE Journey | Be Ahead Of The Game

We believe technology enables people to be ahead of the game, whether in sports or in business. Our teams at Capgemini are always looking at ways to innovate and create digital solutions for our clients that will enable them to be ahead of the game. We do this by bringing together our extensive experience in various digital technologies and by following our guiding principle of putting clients first.

One example of this is the Match Predictor game, an application that enables fans to predict winners and margin of victory for every game as part of a simple league, competing against the Capgemini Bot.


Meet the Match Predictor

A game that enables fans to predict winners and margin of victory for every game as part of a simple league. Putting the latest data at their finger-tips, the game pits players against each other. The app is now integrated with the World Rugby app and website, and open to fans all over the world.