World Quality Report 20-21: The Nordic Region

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There is still a quality assurance road to travel in the Nordic region, but there are signs of progress – and of increasing determination

A regional summary of viewpoints on testing and quality assurance (QA) can sometimes obscure national differences. Between the Nordic countries, for instance – comprising Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway – we note varying degrees of progress this year in agile and DevOps developments, and different levels of emphasis in areas including test data management, security testing, and performance testing.

However, there are plenty of similarities that we observe in the field. As we might expect, cost control is never far away for most organizations in most places. Across the region, we also see a major focus on test automation in particular. This is part of a general and continuing determination in Nordic countries to make progress in quality assurance as a whole.

Download your copy of the Nordics  pull out of the World Quality Report 2020-21 to learn more about the QA and Testing trends shaping up in the region.

WQR 2020-21 Nordic Region

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