World Quality Report 20-21: Southern Europe

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Progress in testing and QA in Southern Europe may have been less than expected, but the post-COVID signs are positive

The three countries comprising Southern Europe in the World Quality Report are Italy, Spain, and Portugal, and watching these markets this year, we have seen signs of change that have put testing and quality assurance (QA) functions under increasing pressure.

In recent months, in particular, business-to-consumer organizations been accelerating the pace of digital transformation. This has largely been driven by market forces, but in addition, lockdown measures have increased the scale of online transactions in sectors including retail and insurance. As a result, we have seen a greater focus on the adoption of agile and DevOps development environments, and an increased focus on data analytics. We’ve also witnessed a growth of interest in test automation, which seems to be driven mostly by a desire to shorten time to market.

Download your copy of the Southern Europe  pull out of the World Quality Report 2020-21 to learn more about the QA and Testing trends shaping up in the region.

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