The PLM at the tempo of industry new horizons

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Manufacturers are urged to redesign their processes if they want to accelerate the development cycle of their products. For that, they must be able to integrate these new processes into a PLM quickly. However, executing a PLM project using a traditional approach can take far too long. Therefore, a new approach is needed by combining agile methods, DevOps, and industrialization to drastically reduce the deadlines for implementing PLM and allow the materialization of benefits as early as possible.

PLM solutions are software packages that are subject to the Software vendor’s rules. However, these are not always suitable for Agile practices and DevOps. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the tooling and methodology to a complex product’s specificities that impose its parameterizing features.

By combining a methodological approach and technological accelerators, manufacturers can deploy a PLM solution in just six to eight months. This will allow the end-users to benefit from fit-for-purpose processes, methods and tools, and businesses to generate profits quickly.

PLM at the tempo

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