The CORA Model

This is Common Reference Architecture (CORA).

IT landscapes are becoming more and more complex, containing systems developed for decades containing multiple vendor components and technologies. Current and future business needs require flexibility (within compliancy boundaries) and agility in support of IT. In order to challenge this in a comprehensive and cost-effective way it is necessary to improve the control over the IT landscape:

  • On both enterprise as well as project implementation level
  • With the focus on a heterogeneous IT landscape (e.g. Packaged Based Solutions, Custom Software Development, different technologies and software architecture styles)
  • For the complete lifecycle of IT solutions (i.e. design-, run- and change time)
  • Between enterprises & social networks

Today architecture based approaches, including reference models, exist to enable this improvement. Because they all have difficulties to take these demands into account simultaneously we've developed the COmmon Reference Architecture (CORA).


The authors of the book are Theo Elzinga, Léon Smiers & Joost van der Vlies.

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