Smart Home used to be the next thing after Smart Metering. Not anymore. Utilities have recognised the importance of going digital – communicating with customers and providing new services through web-based channels. Smart Home is a key element in the mix, even in markets where smart meters have yet to be deployed. Initial customer propositions are based around heating control and electricity monitoring. But the plan is to widen the range of services to full energy management, micro-generation and even home security. It is no surprise that the expectation is for cloud-based platforms, with customer access via web and mobile apps.
Capgemini believes service providers should also opt for as open a solution as possible. This means being able to incorporate any device from any manufacturer, with no artificial restrictions. It calls for the ability to support different value propositions across markets and customer segments, and adapt them rapidly in response to changes in demand. It requires the capability to cope with a range of technical environments, as standards develop. Capgemini has such a solution. We will help you to develop your Smart Home go-to-market strategy – to sit alongside your digital strategy – establish operations, and implement and run the solution. Our cloud-based platform means functionality can be deployed rapidly and at an affordable cost. Pre-configured drivers for hundreds of available smart devices, together with easy re-skinning of apps, means it is ready to go. A pilot or initial market launch will provide the basis for a long term service offering, one which can develop at whatever pace the Smart Home market matures.
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