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Once upon a time, in a cloud not far away there was a promise of freedom, standardization and simplicity. But in the real world it was more like the opposite; dealing with lock-ins, dependencies and heterogeneity.

A Technology Business wants to be agile, fast and well-integrated, not bogged down in complexity. A simple mindset makes for speedy business. And just around the corner the three musketeers of automation, AI and user experience technology are waiting to assist. Be gone complexity. Hello simplicity.



  • To master complexity
  • To increase speed of action and reaction


Apply development objectives, which, compared with the current situation:

  • Eliminate, streamline, or circumvent complexity
  • Kill all duplications
  • Decrease integration needs and touchpoints
  • Provide simpler, seamless user experiences
  • Ease the flow of data and improve data legibility
  • Provide transparency as an antidote to complexity
  • Accelerate and automate development steps
  • Contribute to a decluttered applications landscape


  • TIME GAIN OBJECTIVE(S) compared to existing timings (interactions, responses, time to market and end-to-end lifecycles)
  • DECREASED COST OBJECTIVE(S) of managing the Technology Business solutions portfolio

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