Ensuring a great Software-as-a-Service journey

Initially designed for small companies, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has gradually extended to multinational firms all over the world. Due to its wide use, SaaS has become an established delivery model based on a full OPEX financial model. However, software providers are not always matching the buzz around SaaS with obvious benefits.

With shorter time-to-market, clear ergonomic value and the evolutivity of SaaS being now a reality, we believe the benefit of low costs coupled with a reversible and easy SaaS integration with Legacy systems is still to come.

Beyond the usual promises, there are 2 additional major advantages: SaaS is a profitable opportunity to ensure process alignment in companies and to equip small subsidiaries of large international groups with an In-a-Box IT solution.

Having a clear and defined SaaS strategy, choosing your battles and retaining control are the key success factors in ensuring a great Software-as-a-Service journey.