Rapid Design and Visualization with Adobe XD

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RDV – Rapid Design and Visualization, Capgemini’s requirement gathering and experience design methodology helps capture the requirements in an agile fashion in collaboration with a domain expert and technical architect.

Business stakeholder needs are increasing, and the turnaround time for designers to create intuitive solutions aligned with technology for better user experience has decreased enormously, putting consistency and standardization at risk.

These challenges have inspired us to create an effective solution that saves time and promotes faster output while meeting financial clientele requirements.

Capgemini developed a proprietary requirement gathering and experience design methodology — Rapid Design and Visualization (RDV) — leveraging the scientific framework of user-centered design principles. With RDV, we can better understand product behavior and redefine customer journeys to make intense and emotional connections with users by employing a set of design methodologies. This works in collaboration with domain and technical experts to create simulations on the fly.


Rapid Design and Visual...

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