Episode 3 : Let’s talk about Cloud, Digital and Internet of Things with Lanny Cohen, Frank Wammes and Simon Short

Episode 3 – Capgemini Architecture Week Podcast with Lanny Cohen, Frank Wammes and Simon Short to discuss Digital, Internet of Things and Cloud and how they are impacting business



Season 6: Episode 2 : Technovision, Insights & Data offer overview by Pierre Hessler and Ron Tolido

Episode 2 – Capgemini Architecture Week Podcast with Pierre Hessler and Ron Tolido to know all about Technovision, Insights&Data service line and why there are crucial to answer customers’ needs into an innovative environment.



Season 6: Episode 1 – Learn all about architecture week with Patrice Duboé

Patrice Duboé opens the new season of the Architecture Week Podcast with a special edition dedicated to Innovation, the core topic of the event this year.



Season 4.6 : let’s have feedbacks from organizers in Spain, France and Sweden!

Listen to the last podcast of the 2013 edition with the feedbacks of some of the organizers of the Architecture Week all over the world. Thank you to Cedric Buzay in Madrid, Arnaud Buisine in Lille, Klas Reinholdson in Gothenburg, Mélanie Daubrosse in Toulouse and finally Françoise Bergame in Lyon for their participation! Once again, the Architecture Week was a very successful event with a lot of topics, participants and innovation! See you next year!



Season 4.5: new business models and customer experience

Pierre Hessler, Capgemini Fellow and Chairman’s delegate, gave a conference at Toulouse, October the 3rd about new business models and customer experience. To his opinion, the digital enterprise “doesn’t follow the business anymore, but precede it.” Enterprise architects are the bridge between the technology and the business, so they have the capacity to transform the companies into “digital firms”. These points are developed in this new podcast, listen it !



Season 4.4: let’s talk about Internet of Everything and Mobile Strategy!

Welcome back to the Capgemini Architecture Week podcast, last one before the 2013 edition of Architecture Week! In this fourth podcast we’ll explain the concept of Internet of Everything with Joakim Lindbom, Capgemini Nordic Architect Community Lead and then focus on Mobile Strategy with Josean Mendez, Mobile Solutions Lead & Chief Mobile Technology Architect. Let’s go!



Season 4.3: let’s talk about IP with Capgemini and Dassault Systemes

Let’s draw our attention in this third podcast on IP, Intellectual Property – and its strategic importance for Capgemini and its partners. Alexis Duret, Capgemini IP-Based Business Acceleration Program Director and Alexis Balloy, Dassault Systems Business Consulting Director, sector Aerospace & Defense for Europe, give us their insight about IP: the advantages for our client, the impact on architects’ work and how Capgemini collaborate with Dassault Systems on this subject.



Season 4.2: big data and digital innovation

Listen to this second podcast talking about big data and digital transformation, 2 strategic topics for architects. In this session, Lanny Cohen, Chief Technology Officer for Capgemini and Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer for Teradata Corporation share their vision about the technological trends, the role of architects and the impact of data analysis on business innovation and transformation. Let’s discover!



Season 4.1: insights from Capgemini’s customers and architects’ best practice

For this first podcast, let’s start with the highlights of the 2013 edition of the Architecture Week with Patrice Duboé, Vice-President, Capgemini Global Architect leader: how to take part, what’s new this year… Let’s focus on the 1st 2013 special topic: cloud, and more specifically about Simply Business Cloud with Ron Tolido, CTO Capgemini Continental Europe: what it is, and how it affects architect today and for the future. So Capgemini Architecture Week Podcast – season four, here we go!