Podcast: How do you transform your organization for DevOps?

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What are the key ingredients to develop a good DevOps strategy? Vision, leadership, communication, collaboration, a great deal of persistence.

Technology journalist Charlotte Jee, and Capgemini cloud experts Jennifer Jones and Sarah Pope share the key ingredients required to develop a good DevOps strategy – vision, leadership, communication, collaboration and most of all, a great deal of persistence.

Created in partnership with CIO from IDG, this episode looks at how embracing the DevOps methodology is daunting for many businesses. It requires not just a change in the development processes, but a major shift in mindset. So, how can businesses begin their transition? The best way to start is by setting your goals – working out which objectives you want to meet, which bottlenecks and pain points you’re trying to solve, then tying this into an over-arching vision.

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