Future Sight podcast series

Augmenting the future workforce with automation

Tune in to our podcast to find out will automation protect jobs, or take them away?

Digital Continuity for Customer Service

Digital Customer Services digitalization is a transformation journey that focuses on the ones...

PLM in the Cloud, End-to-end Agility

The move to cloud-based PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is underway. It will accelerate...

The PLM at the tempo of industry new horizons

Manufacturers are urged to redesign their processes if they want to accelerate the...

World Wealth Report 2021 Video

View video on World Wealth Report 2021 key findings and see how banks can invest in talent...

World Wealth Report 2021

Visit the World Wealth Report 2021 website and see how banks can invest in talent and...


SAP S/4HANA® for Automotive Suppliers

The agility to get out in front in unprecedented times.

5G Innovation

Replay of the 5G lab inauguration in Mumbai

The 5G Lab in Mumbai will be the gateway to our innovation and work in developing 5G and Edge...

the age of insight

A New Way to Serve: The Next Big Opportunity for FMCG and Retail

How a global pandemic confirmed supply chain management as the next customer-experience...

4 Tips on Planning your #Netzero Pledge

We asked 4 of our Capgemini Energy and Utilities leaders to provide advice on...

Capgemini Invent

How financial institutions are enabling sustainable transformation

Financial institutions are well positioned to be key players in the global sustainability...

Digitizing Agency Channel for Delivering CARE

Insurance customers are increasingly expecting quick and convenient access to information...

Supply Chain Management

Future-proofing the supply chain

Everest Group’s perspective on building resilience and agility in supply chain management...

Cloud Native

Cloud Native with Red Hat: Freedom of Choice

Join our experts on this podcast, as they discuss cloud native, multi-cloud, and the...

Application Migration to Google Cloud

Improve your business agility by migrating your applications to Google Cloud. Capgemini...

Application Modernization with Google Cloud

Capgemini help you get the freedom to modernize your applications without being locked in and...

Capgemini FS Environment Week 2021

United Nations’ World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year since 1974. This is...

World FinTech Report 2021

Covering banking in the FinTech era, the World FinTech Report 2021 from Capgemini and Efma...

World FinTech Report 2021 Video

View video on World FinTech Report 2021 key findings and see how banks can counter FinTechs’...

Business Services

Finance Intelligence

Drive actionable insights that predict the future and support frictionless decision-making

Business Services

Digital Twin

Establish the foundations of frictionless transformation and continuous innovation



Eliminate risk through implementing frictionless AI controls

Cloud Native

OpenShift @ Scale: Mass Migration

Join us for our virtual demo session at the Red Hat Virtual Summit 2021



Frictionless purchase-to-pay delivered through an AI-augmented workforce



Frictionless record-to-analyze delivered via an AI-augmented workforce



Frictionless order-to-cash delivered via an AI-augmented workforce


Biography: Kurt Sievers

Mr. Kurt Sievers is a German citizen. He earned a Master of Science degree in physics and...


Biography: Tanja Rueckert

Ms. Tanja Rueckert is a German citizen. She graduated from the University of Regensburg...

Annual Report 2020

The Integrated Annual Report outlines Capgemini’s primary activities and the major events...

Renewable enterprise

Insights-driven Merchandising

Connect with us to schedule a meeting with our Innovation Experts.

Renewable enterprise

Intelligent Fleet service for OEMs

Connect with us to schedule a meeting with our Innovation Experts.

Future Sight podcast series

Building emotional intelligence with AI

Tune in to find out if artificial intelligence can help businesses build stronger customer...

Capgemini Invent

The $1.1B market opportunity your brand might be ignoring

COVID-19 has accelerated many long-standing trends—and the growing popularity of gaming and...

The open-source technology opportunity in Payments

While traditional technologies have evolved and continue to work just fine, open-source...

Open Insurance Transformation

Maximize the new ecosystem reality and bring innovative products and services to market...

World Insurance Report 2021

Get an overview of World Insurance Report 2021 findings by visiting the website.

Analytics Sandbox

Big data is always getting bigger, and with the right tools it’s utility grows as well....

Data Estate Modernization

With exponential growth in data volumes and the rapid evolution of data management...

Digital health

Lab Informatics in a Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

Did you know that LIMS guarantees digital continuity in industrial laboratories?

Brochure: Cyber Insurance

If you have accurate risk insights, you can price policies competitively, manage and mitigate...

Customer Experience

The building blocks of unified commerce

Deliver consistent, excellent experiences.

Capgemini Invent

How insurers are driving the sustainability agenda

Sustainable Insurance argues that insurers are positioned to meet the changing demands of...


Digital Continuity with Obbligato PLM

Get seamless transition of product data from engineering to manufacturing, document...

AWS Migration

Accelerate your digital transformation

Migrating to the cloud with AWS is the first step to modernizing your technical platform and...


DevSecOps in regulated industries

A playbook to accelerate software reliability & compliance with DevSecOps.

intelligent Industry

The road to autonomous car development

Our client needed to demonstrate the potential of 5G to transform all industries to monetize...

Explore careers at Capgemini Engineering

Take your skills & experience to the next level. Get the future you want.

Future Sight podcast series

De-mystifying augmented reality

Tune in to our podcast as our experts separate AR fact from fiction.

Capgemini Invent

Sustainability Evolution

Disruption presents an opportunity to rethink your strategy. There is no better time to start...

5G Innovation

Replay of the 5G Lab Inauguration in Paris

5G is bringing a step-change in connectivity, services automation, autonomous devices and...

Customer Experience

It’s time for CMOs to pay more attention to employees

Read Forrester’s report on the growing importance of the CMO–CHRO relationship.

Transforming Digital Customer Experience

Transforming Digital Customer Experience for your Digital Future with Capgemini & Pega

smart mobility connect

Sustainable Mobility

Sustainability is clearly a hot topic for the automotive industry, and one that has attracted...

Tapping into the Data Cloud for Financial Services

Many Financial Services organizations today are recalibrating the way they run their business...

World Retail Banking Report 2021 Video

View video on World Retail Banking Report 2021 key findings and see how adopting...

World Retail Banking Report 2021 Infographic

Get an overview of World Retail Banking Report 2021 findings with our quick-read...

World Retail Banking Report 2021

Get an overview of World Retail Banking Report 2021 findings.

Future Sight podcast series

How to be a purpose-driven organization?

Tune in to our podcast as we discuss why an organization’s purpose is about the positive...


How to Unlock Value by Embracing Business-Led Transformation

This paper, How to Unlock Value by Embracing Business-Led Transformation, offers a guide to...

Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Capgemini is a Global Leader in Digital Services for Manufacturing

Avasant identified Capgemini as one of the leaders amongst 30 top-tier service providers

Customer Experiences Drive Carriers’ Cloud Strategies

Customer Experiences Drive Carriers’ Cloud Strategies with Capgemini, Amazon Web Services and...

Future Sight podcast series

Charting the road to recovery

Tune in to our podcast as we chart the global pandemic, from confusion to dawning realization...


Connected Marketing – Data and Compliance

Read our point-of-view paper to understand the strategic importance of data and compliance...

Center of Excellence Integration

Capgemini and SAP, the evolution toward an integrated enterprise