The Upstream Oil & Gas industry is a cash-intensive business where companies form joint venture partnerships to minimize risk and maximize the product that can be generated from drilling new wells. Upstream companies also want to streamline processes, make quick informed decisions based on real-time analytics, and reduce costs wherever possible.

READYUpstream addresses your business objectives. It covers all areas of Upstream Oil & Gas Accounting including Production Management, Revenue Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Joint Venture. Additionally, the upstream industry generates a high volume of data which demands proper management and simple tools for analysis. READYUpstream supports business operations through IT and business processes. READYUpstream, enhanced with the latest release of the PRA Roadmap and the Upstream Operations Management tool, is an industry specific solution on the Cloud that helps reduce your overall cost of operations and lowers infrastructure cost.

With our OnePath model, Capgemini can be your “one hand to shake” for licensing, infrastructure, implementation and support, consuming IT as a service to minimize upfront investment. READYUpstream is proven, built on the industry leading practices and is the proven SAP certified all-in-one solution for the upstream Oil & Gas business.