Next-generation testing with collaborative robots

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Enabling intelligent industry through adoption of robotics for product and system testing

Robotics has been growing massively in the last decade, spurring tremendous development in emerging technologies. Collaborative robots, more commonly known as cobots, represent the fastest-growing segment of industrial robots.

The testing process can be very interactive and multitasked, involving the simultaneous operation of more than one actuation points to trigger. As the number of test cases or use-case combinations increases, the tester may find it difficult to cope with the complexity while maintaining the pace and accuracy of the testing process. There is a need to automate as much as possible in order to leave more time for the human to interpret and analyze the results.

As technological advancements encourage cobot and human co-working, the testing arena is changing rapidly, and cobots are proving crucial to speed up the testing channel to cope with overall product lifecycle challenges. Introducing cobots into the testing space is a specialized task that requires domain understanding of robots as well as verification and validation. In addition, a methodical approach is needed to achieve maximum automation and sustainability while maintaining a safe collaborative environment.

Read our point of view to learn more about the role of cobots in device testing applications and the evolution of collaborative robots in testing.

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