The Next Generation Data Center: Designed for Services via Clouds

2011 is shaping up to be the year when the reality of the requirements for what the industry has been describing as “Next-Generation Data Centers” becomes mainstream. Players such as Google and Amazon, and those in web-centric sectors such as retail, have been adopting a new form of resource provisioning for some years to handle web services. As the focus on cloud services is building, so the same pressures are occurring more broadly. The major industry players will be launching new products and capabilities during the year, starting with an HP and Microsoft announcement this month. These trends illustrate this is not solely a data center, or infrastructure, issue: it is strongly connected to an enterprise’s whole capability to manage software development and deployment as part of the adoption of a more agile business model.

This month, the differences between virtualization of current data center servers and “Next-Generation Data Centers” are explored together with the usual round up of industry news.