Fundtech’s Global PAYplus (GPP) is a domestic and international payment processing platform which provides a highly scalable global payments engine to support multi-bank and multi-currency. Using rules technology, GPP lets you improve straight through processing with advanced error detection and repair functionality. It enables banks to generate incremental fee income through more tailored services and greater pricing flexibility. Global PAYplus provides many features including direct payment initiation; payment routing and transit based on local and global rules and configuration; interfaces to international clearing and domestic RTGS systems; funds availability tracking; and more.

Since payments systems are complex with many integration points, it’s important to test new releases and functionality thoroughly. How can your bank ensure high quality without incurring high testing costs?

Capgemini’s Model Based Testing Workbench provides a clear advantage for testing complex payments systems. With model based testing, experienced test professionals with payments knowledge can reduce test preparation time for commercial software by as much as 30%.