A new Capgemini and Oracle solution improves flexibility across the public sector.

Governments deliver services to citizens and businesses in a rapidly-evolving policy landscape. When changes are made to policies or legislation, government agencies must quickly and consistently integrate them into day-to-day operations.

Many public sector organizations find this difficult to achieve as a result of inflexible legacy systems or a heavy reliance on manual processing. Failure to implement policy changes accurately often results in customer dissatisfaction, high costs, demand for intensive customer service, and serious damage to the credibility of government agencies.

Oracle and Capgemini together deliver Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) to help government organizations overcome these challenges. OPA is a configurable, off-the-shelf software solution that applies business rules to enable efficient and accurate decision-making. Already being used in European tax and welfare agencies, OPA is applicable across the wider public sector, and can be offered as a hosted solution or a stand-alone product.