Making the move to clean, affordable energy

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With ever urgent warnings of climate change, the need of the hour is to find renewable sources for generating clean, affordable energy. Let’s talk about Energy Transition.

We are at an unprecedented point in history, when highly credible warnings of climate change are multiplying every day. With a growing population comes ever growing demand for food, water, energy and other natural resources.

Many governments and organizations have shown their willingness to transition to renewable sources of energy. On May 29, a $111-million clean energy innovation fund was launched with the goal of getting capital intensive startups off the ground. This is part of Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the $1-billion fund launched in 2016 by Bill Gates which has pulled together a coalition of corporate and private investors including SAP, GE, Jeff Bezos, Vinod Khosla and Jack Ma.

This is just one instance that reflects an ongoing shift towards renewable power as the driver of global energy transformation.

In this podcast, our host Frank Wammes chats with Jan Grimbrandt, CEO of Boson Energy and Philippe Vie, Global Head of Energy, Utilities and Chemicals – Capgemini about Energy Transition, and making the move to Clean, Affordable Energy.


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Philippe Vié

Philippe Vié is the Global Energy, Utilities and Chemicals Sector Leader at Capgemini, and...

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