The commercial potential of LTE

The mobile networks of most operators are witnessing an unprecedented rise in data traffic, due to an increasing consumer demand to access bandwidth intensive content on-the-go and the proliferation of a large number of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This trend is exerting extremely high pressure on the capacity-constrained network of operators. Faced with this challenge, wireless providers need to upgrade their network infrastructure in order to keep up with data traffic volumes and deliver bits more cost-effectively.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) provides operators with a technically superior and cost effective solution to deliver true broadband experience. Although LTE Standards and the ecosystem have not yet evolved fully and an upgrade requires significant capital investment, operators can still reap tremendous benefit by formulating the right migration strategy.

In this paper Capgemini evaluates the technology options within LTE, the most significant barriers regarding its uptake, and recommends the best approach for different operators.