Joined at the Hip

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The words say it all. In a Technology Business, it no longer makes sense to distinguish between technology and business.

They are in interdependent, conjoined, inseparable. What’s more, the difference between virtual and ‘real’ worlds is becoming blurry as they merge into a larger augmented reality – effortlessly, systematically and with no return ticket. Anything less is lost in translation. Technology. Business. Virtual. Real. Let’s get them all joined at the hip.



  • Reality as users perceive it
  • For Business Technology symbiosis


Apply development objectives, which, compared to the current situation:

  • Place users more in their personal and business contexts
  • Augment all visualizations with optional data context
  • Augment all data with optional visualization context
  • Pair up all ‘real’ objects with their ‘digital’ twins and vice versa
  • Establish joined-up business and technology development teams
  • Ensure the joined-up teams cover the entire Technology Business landscape


  • DESCRIPTION of all targeted augmentations to solutions, human roles and physical objects
  • MEASURES to create a seamless collaboration between business and IT, before symbiosis

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