Delivering a tailored, optimized end user experience to drive increased productivity and reduced costs.

Advancements in technology, coupled with society’s evolving approach to where, when and how we work, have changed the end user IT landscape. For businesses, new technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing have created the opportunity to provision end user services more effectively than ever before.

Intelligent Workplace presents you with the opportunity to put your end users at the heart of a comprehensive, end-to-end managed service. Read the brochure to find out more about how your organization can benefit from this solution to drive end user productivity, increase business agility and address environmental objectives – all while addressing the ever-present imperative to cut costs.

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Desktop Virtualization
Capgemini’s Intelligent Workplace deploys desktop virtualization technology to deliver security, productivity, administration and energy-efficiency benefits. This document provides insight on the steps organizations should take when considering deployment and discusses this technology’s role as part of the journey to the cloud.

Bring your Own (BYO)
Bring Your Own, or BYO, has made its way firmly onto IT decision-makers’ radars as end users are increasingly taking IT provisioning matters into their own hands. This document examines the factors driving this trend and what IT decision makers should consider before embracing BYO in their organization.

It’s the desktop… but not as we know it
This document examines changes taking place in the end user environment and key factors to consider when developing the next generation of desktop IT. It discusses 3 key streams that are fundamentally transforming our perceptions of end user IT: business and IT alignment, technology evolution and the way people balance their personal and professional lives today.