Integrated Sustainability Reporting — The Capgemini Oracle Solution

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By the nature of their business, Utilities are at the center of the climate-driven sustainability challenge. While all other industries will need to change the way they do things, the energy industry needs to change what it does.

Utilities are transitioning. They are no longer large centralized monopolies who use fossils fuels to deliver reliable energy through fixed networks. Instead they facilitate the use of distributed, small scale, renewable energy generation from multiple technologies and suppliers using smart grids to balance load; all the while communicating with millions of customers to help them reduce energy demand. For utilities, managing their carbon emissions as effectively as their bottom line is now the norm. Planning, managing and reporting this transition is the key task for the sustainability program. But how can sustainability performance be measured and managed?

Capgemini and Oracle combined forces to offer a joint Integrated Sustainability Reporting solution. Find out more about this solution in the brochure.

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