Technical overview on Capgemini’s SES platform

Success of a smart metering program is wholly dependent on the utility’s ability to efficiently and effectively manage meter deployment and operations, meter connectivity, track work orders, control field services, and have live information on service levels. Smart Energy Services Platform (SES Platform) provides highly detailed information about energy consumption that is useful to both energy providers and energy users.

Utilities want to manage supply and forecast demand more profitably, while customers want greater control
over usage and costs, and the ability to see the impact of their appliances on their own carbon footprint.
Utilities can now achieve this greater degree of control with Capgemini’s end-to-end SES Platform, which
manages smart meters and smart information. It can be operated in a number of smart metering business

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • IT Integration (software plus project management)
  • Managed Business Services – end-to-end managed services.

As a multi-client, multi-language platform, SES Platform is configurable to take into account the different functional and regulatory requirements.