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Supply Chain Transformation For the Digital Age

In a world where customer expectations are witnessing seemingly exponential growth, the case for a compelling customer experience has evolved from a nice-to-have to an absolute necessity. Digital technology is transforming the way we interact with our customers, creating a more demanding customer that is happy to take his or her business elsewhere if the product is not delivered on time,  not as described and not supplied at the right price.

In the supply chain space, businesses are starting to embark on digital transformation to take advantage of the opportunities of new technologies – with successful digital transformation initiatives centering on reimagining the customer experience, operational processes and business operating models. With this in mind, the Summer 2017 issue of Innovation Nation focuses on how Capgemini’s Digital Supply Chain is creating competitive advantage and enhanced business outcomes for our clients by putting their customers at the heart of our solution – leveraging intelligent automation to transform their supply chains.

Raman Katyal, who heads our supply chain team, shares his point of view on how intelligent automation can reimagine the traditional supply chain – fusing the physical with the digital to drive transformation of our clients’ industries and their supply chains – through a connected, digital ecosystem that aligns the functions of our clients’ organizations to present a single, consistent face to the customer.

In our Technology Talk section, we start with the results of Capgemini-commissioned research on UK office workers’ optimism about the impact automation technologies will have on the workplace of the future. This is followed by a reaction to this research by Lee Beardmore – Chief Technology Officer at Business Services – who discusses the reasons why companies are not taking advantage of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Our Sector Focus section brings you a series of articles and points of view around adopting a standardized approach to Data Management, as well as a joint Capgemini-ACORD perspective on how Robotic Process Automation is providing opportunities across the value chain in the insurance industry. We also put the spotlight on our Omsk delivery center in Russia, with an interview with Vera Sushko, Omsk Center Director and Unilever Engagement Manager, about the decision behind opening a new delivery center in southwestern Siberia and the added value the center brings to our clients.

And finally, our seasoned panel of Business Services experts share their insights on subjects ranging from robotics in HR, how to handle communications in a crisis and tips on how business can handle end-customer operations in order to be remain competitive.

The late sixth century BC Chinese general, military strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu once said: “The line between disorder and order lies in logistics.” I really hope the insight and thinking behind our focus on how intelligent automation is transforming the traditional supply chain – creating an “Amazon-like” approach to customer experience – is something you find as fascinating and exciting!

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