Imagine … there’s no retail

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A look at digital disruption in the consumer products industry

Sometimes, a thought experiment helps us to look over the horizon and see the changes ahead more clearly. Imagine someone from the future, visiting us and looking at the world of consumer products– what would they say about where we stand?

Consumption has entered a digital transition phase. Although possibilities unleashed by emerging technologies are being explored, certain limitations remain. As we have seen in other markets, it is inevitable that the consumer products market will be disrupted and turned upside down by digital transformation.

Our white paper examines the guidelines for these possible  disruptions as well as a sketch of what the future may look like. After all, if there is to be no retail in the future, you, as a consumer products company, should be prepared. And if there still is, it will be a different kind of retail.

Download the paper today, to learn how Capgemini can provide the key to navigating an objective to digital vision to opportunity roadmap tool for a successful journey into the future.

Imagine No Retail

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