Healthcare at the Crossroads- the Emerging Business Model: A Point of View

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Ideas and strategies that were ground-breaking before the pandemic are not suitable to deal with the current landscape. COVID-19 has transformed the way patients receive and consume care.

More than ever the demand for innovation today is not only to drive simultaneous improvement in outcomes, affordability, quality, and access but also to ensure contactless, empathetic and round-the-clock responsive patient care.

The Healthcare industry is changing rapidly. The paper examines the industry drivers and trends shaping the industry as it aims to solve some of the most important health care challenges: access, quality and affordability. Key among the findings is the emerging form of collaboration and integration across the health care value chain to address risks and to provide quality care to patients while opening a new  door of personalized, empathetic patient engagement. The paper further explores how the main forces of value-based payment, rise of consumerism, cost containment and pricing pressure, connected supply chains, retail care hubs and specialist players supported by disruptive technologies enabling real-time analysis of critical data is driving this new business model. The paper also identifies the success criteria required to adopt to this model. A patient centric Healthcare, one that Predicts, Prevents and Engages patients is the need of the hour. It is imperative that all eco-system partners make the right moves in their strategy, processes, and organizations to push their boundaries and bring in a UNIVERSAL change in how the industry and its value-chain operates from “business to patient experience.”

Healthcare At The Cross...

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