Gain greater test coverage with accelerated model-based test automation

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It is time to break away from the vicious conventional test automation cycle and adopt a smart test automation framework – an approach where test automation can check the code and create, select, and prioritize the tests corresponding to code changes. There is a clear shift towards intelligent automation, with organizations realizing that it is essential to automate tests related to architecture. With model-based testing (MBT), greater coverage possibilities open up and can be used effectively to address requirements and demands from customers in any domain. It comes in very handy with reduced test automation efforts and enhanced coverage.

Test automation has been around for almost two decades now. To make progress in test automation, organizations need to think of it less as a capability and more as a platform – a connected and intelligent space. Organizations are using smart analytics to determine what to test and the model-based testing (MBT) approach to accelerate automation and reduce maintenance efforts of test scripts. It is no more a question of testing everything but rather of intelligently determining what to test.

Using MBT design and test automation techniques in parallel with development activities, validating models early in the lifecycle, and confirming the system behaviour before the system under test (SUT). It is now possible to fail early and fail fast and understand, visualize, and correct errors that may occur when SUT becomes available. It reduces test creation, review, rework, and test script creation and shortens the test automation cycle. It clears the scope definition for test automation engineers and defines the exact scripts that need to be developed.

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