Navigating technology trends in Financial Services

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The Financial Services edition of TechnoVision aims to help business and technology leaders navigate the complex yet indispensable world of emerging technology and tech-enabled innovation.

Agility and speed are key drivers for the transformation of the financial services industry. Our theme for this year’s TechnoVision is ‘Be Like Water’, which focuses on the fluid strategies and architectures of a modern Technology Business. To achieve this adaptability, Banks & Insurers must use digital systems and services to transform into nimble, customer-focused organizations.

Uncertainty barely describes what is happening. At the outbreak of the pandemic, technology adoption helped businesses with survival and continuity; transforming thereafter to creating resilience in a new business reality. Now, business and technology leaders must use technology to fuel a renaissance – a digital revolution – reimagining business models and reordering new and existing players in a rapidly evolving, technology-driven network.

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