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Helping to reimagine your business operations

Anis Chenchah, CEO, Business Services

Welcome to our winter 2019 issue of Innovation Nation. This edition is dedicated to Capgemini’s new Digital Global Enterprise Model© operating model, while also focusing on our Digital Learning Operations solution and casting a spotlight on our Chennai delivery center.

For many years, our well known Global Enterprise Model© (GEM) architecture has driven operational gains that include achieving efficient and standardized processes across geographies and business units, ensuring the right teams and technologies are available to support these processes and their interactions with each other. In the context of the digital age, Capgemini has re-architected GEM to put automation first, with an updated and innovative framework reflecting the evolution in business process transformation beyond labor arbitrage, scaling, sizing, offshoring, cost cutting, and economies of scale, to take full advantage of the rise of automation and analytics. This is now reflected in our Digital Global Enterprise Model© (D-GEM).

Carole Murphy, Global Head of Capgemini’s Finance Powered byIntelligent Automation Practice, curates a section showcasing how Capgemini’s D-GEM is enabling our clients to be competitive in a rapidly changing, digital business context. In addition, Greg Bateup, Head of Solutions and Transformation – Procurement, leads a discussion on how the process-to-pay, credit-to-cash, and report-to-analyze functions are evolving within D-GEM, and Kamila Sicinska (Senior Director, Business Process Transformation) explains how Capgemini’s unique ESOAR transformation methodology re-engineers processes to deliver greater value to our clients’ businesses.

In our Technology Talk section, Anjali Pendlebury-Green, Global Head of our Digital Employee Operations Practice, writes about how Capgemini’s Digital Learning Operations solution brings ahuman-centered, consumer interface to learners, while instilling a culture of curiosity and playfulness; and Radoslaw Kowalski (Contract Manager, Contract Compliance and Optimization) presents a new Capgemini-IACCM contract management tool that gives clients a head start in finding the best contract lifecycle management tool for their business. We also have a selection of our most recent thought leadership on the fascinating topic of intelligent automation.

Swamynathan VN, head of our Chennai delivery center, talks about his role in transforming Chennai into a center of excellence for innovation, and how the center is developing the knowledge and skills of its people. We also showcase Chennai’s capabilities and bring you a selection of stories from the people who deliver services across our engagements in Chennai.

Once again, our experts have been busy throughout the autumn writing on topics such as finance automation in the FS sector, how to maintain contract hygiene, the unlikely comparison between business transformation and long-distance running, and how the mentality behind the Indian word “jugaad” can be a lesson in innovation for the world of automation outsourcing.

The issue concludes with an article by Karolina Dlugosz (CR&S Manager) about how our delivery centers in Poland engage the local community to help celebrate Christmas.

As always, I hope you find the articles and interviews in this issue engaging and thought-provoking. We welcome you to share your views on the issue online and through social media.

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Innovation Nation Winter 2019

Helping to reimagine your business operations

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