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Digital Global Enterprise Model (D-GEM) is unique.

It is a market-leading architecture that brings together decades of operational expertise, deep intelligent automation knowledge and our experience across many clients and sectors. Here is your step-by-step guide to delivering the future.

Grade mix – Can I increase span of control because managers have greater insight?
• What is the impact of the automation on the grade mix? How can we use technology to increase manager’s span
of control? How can we use knowledge to increase capability at different grades?

Location mix – How much can I move straight to the Virtual Delivery Center?
• How does the increased role of automation impact the current location mix? How much work can I transition to
the Virtual Delivery Center?

Competencies – What competencies do both managers and practitioners need to have?
• How should the competencies of the roles/grades evolve in the automation age? How do I ensure that my
workforce knows how automation can enrich and automate their capabilities?

Best-in-class processes – Have I got processes that are lean and efficient?
• Do I have best-practice processes powered by automation with integrated controls and performance measures?
Could automation help me to deliver better outcomes for my customers?

Automation tools and enablers – Do I have the optimal technology strategy?
• What tools are best at doing what? Are we leveraging the full potential of tools and automation? What
technologies should we own and what should we buy as-a-service? How do I future-proof my technology choices?

Pricing and cost allocations – Does my pricing support achieving the business outcomes?
• Does my pricing strategy/cost allocation approach drive the right behavior? How does automation change
pricing? How do I use pricing to increase adoption? How much do I share with my customers?

Governance model – Does the governance model ensure proper interaction and decision-making?
• Do I have the right business partnership with my vendors? What KPIs should I use to drive performance? Should I
expect roles in the governance model to change? Will automation and efficiency change the span of control?

D-GEM on a page

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