CX in Healthcare

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Trying to understand how to attract, acquire, and retain your members and consumers? The first step is truly understanding their experience with your brand

Digital Disruption is causing changes everywhere – in your business, in your competitors’ businesses, and with your customers’ behavior. It’s how you turn these challenges into opportunities that will drive your success. At Capgemini, we share insights, best practices, and lessons learned, to give you the competitive edge.

How are you creating value for members and consumers? The answer is becoming an increasingly critical differentiator for health plans.  Health plans are challenged to improve member engagement within a changing regulatory environment and increased competition between regional and national plans especially in the Medicare marketplace. Health plans also need to work in more collaborative ways with providers to transform their business models to deliver competitive services that improve outcomes and drive value based care arrangement to improve the quality of care.

Analyst Recognition

“Healthcare firms must take a hard look at internal capabilities to determine whether they have the right talent and knowledge to staff a CX program and not be afraid to look to outside agencies to fill the gaps. A host of consulting firms with CX expertise across industries — like Capgemini— have invested heavily in healthcare expertise to help healthcare organizations jumpstart their CX capabilities.”


Change starts with looking at the healthcare system from the consumer and member perspective. The 21st-century consumer expects a seamless healthcare experience – one that measures up to new expectations that are being driven by other industries. That is what Capgemini is built to do. We accelerate your path towards organizing around your customers which include consumers, members, employers, brokers, and providers to create seamless and continuous engagements.

Re-imagine Engagement

The speed with which people embrace new technologies and channels is only getting faster, blindsiding traditional firms that struggle to adapt. Expectations have widely changed and as a result, relationships with brands have also changed. To compete in the age of digital disruption, companies are re-imagining engagement while also driving agility and efficiency through innovation, architecture, and enhanced digital operations.

Let us help you create new experiences and innovation rather than simply enhance and support the traditional methods.

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