Coupled to success: Innovating in collaboration across new consumer landscapes

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A joint whitepaper with the Consumer Goods Forum championing innovation in collaboration

We’ve teamed up with The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) to publish a whitepaper exploring the complex correlation between innovation and collaboration. The paper provides a vision of the pivotal role that collaboration will play in the future success of consumer industries and the new approaches that will be necessary to make success a reality.

The paper offers insights into some of the key questions facing consumer industries today. A spotlight on digital technologies is provided to highlight how consumer engagement has transformed over the years. With the emergence of e-commerce, mobile commerce, and the uberisation wave, the paper explores how collaboration plays a key role for retailers and manufacturers to leverage their respective strengths in order to keep up.

Furthermore, it delves into key questions around the barriers to collaboration for consumer goods retailers and manufacturers, while looking into new models of collaboration to resolve such challenges. A 10-point framework for collaboration is provided, giving retailers and manufacturers alike practical steps to implement in their companies and teams.

Download your copy to get a look into the experiences and opinions from some of the world’s most influential consumer industry brand leaders and senior commercial officers in retail and manufacturing as they describe how they see fast-paced collaboration starting to flourish.

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