Center of Excellence Integration

A Strategic Imperative for an Agile Enterprise

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Capgemini and SAP, the evolution toward an integrated enterprise

In this environment, adaptability and agility are essential to thrive. The organizations that can respond quickly, survive. How? By embracing integration as the cornerstone for achieving data insights and streamlined processes. A connected enterprise holistically understands not just what is happening in their business, but why—with full visibility into customer behavior, supply chains, financial performance, employee engagement and more. The importance of unlocking the insights has never been more important. And, harnessing the power of data and processes to do so is propelling heightened visibility for a holistic approach to integration—one that can handle the integration challenges of both today and tomorrow. This paper touches on the following topics:

  • IT leadership in advocating a reimagined approach to integration
  • The next wave: The Integration Center of Excellence
  • Driving strategic decisions through the Integration Center of Excellence
  • The start of the journey: Establishing an Integration Center of Excellence
  • Five essential steps to establish an Integration Center of Excellence
  • Measuring the success of an Integration Center of Excellence
  • A clear path forward
  • Capgemini and SAP

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