Capgemini’s Business Services and UiPath deliver superior business outcomes through robotic process automation

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RPA can improve efficiency in a cost effective manner, without the risk of interfering with your main “Big IT” systems. In effect, it makes large ERP investments more useful to your business.

RPA as a critical component of your business operations.

According to a HfS Research study*, robotic process automation (RPA) is experiencing an unprecedented level of attention, with a third of major enterprises planning significant investments.

RPA is a fast-growing technology that employs software robots to take over repetitive, tedious, rules-based business tasks. Although it is a relatively mature technology today, RPA continues to revolutionize the way companies undertake their business processing—allowing business users to simplify, accelerate, and improve the accuracy of manual and repetitive tasks.

RPA is driving process improvement to the next level in functions such as finance and accounting (F&A), HR and supply chain management.

RPA reduces repetitive human work

Results are impressive and fast. In one case, the UiPath-Capgemini solution resulted in automating one process per person per week. In little more than three weeks, 20 person-days were saved—rising to 30 person-days after another two weeks.

UiPath software robots are also effective at delivering value beyond simply relieving your employees of repetitive work. They also improve the process, because unlike members of your delivery team, robots don’t have to continually switch between applications as they copy-paste.

*HfS Research, “5 Things Companies Must Get Right With RPA”, Fersht/Snowden, June 2017


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