A QlikTech partner since 2007, Capgemini has over 300 trained specialists in our Global QlikView Center of Excellence.

As company data grows exponentially, the world of business information management is changing rapidly to keep up. Most banks, capital markets firms and insurance companies have many management information tools within functions. Financial institutions struggle to reconcile differing or inaccurate answers from these independent tools.

With QlikView and Capgemini, organizations can quickly unlock true insight into their data—enabling effective decision making based on clear and concise dashboards implemented in weeks, not months. The introduction of the meta-data governance tool QlikView Expressor®, enables Capgemini to use this rapidly unlocked insight on a scale not seen before. Using QlikView tools, Capgemini can consolidate your business rules to drive out a single version of the truth across all of your reporting toolsets. With this integral foundation we can only then begin to grow a meaningful Business Intelligence environment to maximize your potential for the present and future.

As a leading QlikView partner, Capgemini uses experienced people and proprietary accelerators to perform a management information audit and create a plan to globally unify your data flows while supporting future management information needs. We have a Global Center of Excellence dedicated to developing QlikView tools, accelerators and methodologies specifically for our financial services clients to help execute on your plan.