Capgemini‘s Smart Energy Services Platform

Now that the commitment for an AMI solution has been made, what are the challenges that you will face in obtaining a cost effective, working solution?
The key questions are:

  • Do you want to save 60% of your IT Budget allocated for your Smart Meter projects over the next 10 years?
  • How do you benefit from established best practices and efficiencies in your new Smart Meter environment?
  • How can those efficiencies be passed on to your delivery and sustainment organisations to foster high levels of customer satisfaction?
  • How can you ensure that your new Smart Meter environment offers optimum shareholder value in the shortest possible time?
  • Why re-invent the wheel, incurring large investment costs, enduring failures and a lengthy learning process when a solution already exists that can deliver what you need now with decreased risk and at low cost?

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