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Mr. Daniel Bernard is a graduate of HEC business school.

Mr. Daniel Bernard is a graduate of HEC business school. He was Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Métro France (from 1981 to 1989), followed by member of the Management Board of Métro International AG (from 1989 to 1992). He became Chairman of the Executive Board of Carrefour in 1992 and was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 1998. Mr. Daniel Bernard was also an Independent Director of Alcatel Lucent (from 1997 to 2014) and of Saint-Gobain (from 2000 to 2006). He was a member of the Saint-Gobain Appointments Committee and chaired the Alcatel-Lucent Corporate Governance and Appointments Committee.

In 2006, Mr. Daniel Bernard joined the Board of Directors of Kingfisher Plc as Vice-Chairman and was Chairman of the Board of Directors from 2009 to June 2017. He also chaired the Appointments Committee. In July 2017, Mr. Daniel Bernard was appointed to the Peugeot SA Supervisory Board as the permanent representative of Lion Participations. Mr. Daniel Bernard is also President of Provestis, his own investment company, and Senior Advisor of Towerbrook Capital Partners, LP.

Mr. Daniel Bernard holds the ranks of Officer of the National Order of Merit and Knight of the Legion of Honor.

Mr. Daniel Bernard has been a director of Capgemini SE since May 12, 2005 and is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors since May 10, 2017. He was Lead Independent Director and Chairman of the Ethics & Governance Committee from May 2014 to May 2017. He has been a member of the Ethics & Governance Committee since May 7, 2014. He has also been a member of the Strategy & CSR Committee since July 26, 2006 and its Chairman since May 23, 2018.

He brings to the Board of Directors considerable experience in the management of leading international companies where he has held top positions, together with reputed expertise in Corporate Governance, gained through major Corporate Governance responsibilities in leading listed companies in France and the United Kingdom.

Mr. Daniel Bernard also contributes to the Board’s strategic discussions, thanks notably to his considerable experience in the consumer goods sector and its digital transformation.

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Mr. Daniel Bernard has been President of Provestis since 2006.

Biography: Daniel Bernard

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