A revolution in experience and productivity

After transforming games such as chess, Jeopardy!® and Go, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to radically transform customer services. This major upheaval will take the shape of smart conversational interfaces known as chatbots that answer client requests through highly developed conversations, via text (on digital channels such as social networks, mobile apps and websites) and speech (on the traditional phone channel).

Fast in exchanges and self-learning, providing precise answers to customer requests and offering a personalized business transaction service (purchases, bookings, etc.), chatbots are set to replace contact center agents (who will be left to handle the most complex requests) and mobile apps and websites (the interfaces of which will never be as intuitive as the natural language we all learn from birth). Representing a revolution in customer experience and productivity, chatbots are on the verge of an unprecedented disruption to customer relations.

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