AI for Health Digital Book 2021

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Data and AI are at the heart of organizations’ priorities.

Capgemini Invent and Startup Inside have launched the second edition of the AI ​​for Health book.

This report consolidates the vision of a large panel of professionals and key players in private companies like Pharma, MedTech, Start-ups, Insurance, and public institutions (Hospitals, Research laboratories) who have shared their point of view on the impact of data and AI in the field of life sciences.

Our ambition is to help stakeholders better understand the strategic issues and the main applications of AI, to understand the level of maturity of the industry, while providing them with insights into the main obstacles, ethical considerations, and the operational choices they may be faced with in their journey to implement AI use cases.

The goal of this publication is to provide a system-wide view of how data and AI are being used in healthcare today. It also highlights the possibilities for greater use and the barriers to even greater adoption.


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