Medicare advantage and prescription drug plans have always been under rigorous CMS scrutiny for performance. Plans are under constant pressure to perform optimally in order to maintain enrollment and earn higher CMS reimbursements or bonuses.

Because CMS reimbursement rates will be reduced after 2015, payers are fighting for a bigger share of a smaller prize. Maximizing your enrollment base and payout are critical to stabilizing your revenue. This is achieved by maximizing your STAR rating.

Capgemini’s A5STAR is a combined data visualization tool and service offering to estimate STAR ratings for competitive analysis using CMS data. The A5STAR visualization tool facilitates comparison of domain and related measures across multiple plans. It gives a break-out of ratings into granular levels using charts and graphs.

Using A5STAR, Capgemini clients have reduced HEDIS reporting efforts by 20% and improved STAR ratings by up to 50%.