Cloud Transformation: The keys to success

Accelerate your digital transformation by moving to cloud, and add performance and agility to...

The open-source technology opportunity in Payments

While traditional technologies have evolved and continue to work just fine, open-source...

Open Insurance Transformation

Maximize the new ecosystem reality and bring innovative products and services to market...

World Insurance Report 2021

Get an overview of World Insurance Report 2021 findings by visiting the website.

Analytics Sandbox

Big data is always getting bigger, and with the right tools it’s utility grows as well....

Data Estate Modernization

With exponential growth in data volumes and the rapid evolution of data management...

Digital health

Lab Informatics in a Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

Did you know that LIMS guarantees digital continuity in industrial laboratories?

Brochure: Cyber Insurance

If you have accurate risk insights, you can price policies competitively, manage and mitigate...

Customer Experience

The building blocks of unified commerce

Deliver consistent, excellent experiences.

Capgemini Invent

How insurers are driving the sustainability agenda

Sustainable Insurance argues that insurers are positioned to meet the changing demands of...


Digital Continuity with Obbligato PLM

Get seamless transition of product data from engineering to manufacturing, document...

AWS Migration

Accelerate your digital transformation

Migrating to the cloud with AWS is the first step to modernizing your technical platform and...


DevSecOps in regulated industries

A playbook to accelerate software reliability & compliance with DevSecOps.

intelligent Industry

The road to autonomous car development

Our client needed to demonstrate the potential of 5G to transform all industries to monetize...

Explore careers at Capgemini Engineering

Take your skills & experience to the next level. Get the future you want.

Future Sight podcast series

De-mystifying augmented reality

Tune in to our podcast as our experts separate AR fact from fiction.

Capgemini Invent

Sustainability Evolution

Disruption presents an opportunity to rethink your strategy. There is no better time to start...

5G Innovation

Replay of the 5G Lab Inauguration in Paris

5G is bringing a step-change in connectivity, services automation, autonomous devices and...

Transforming Digital Customer Experience

Transforming Digital Customer Experience for your Digital Future with Capgemini & Pega

smart mobility connect

Sustainable Mobility

Sustainability is clearly a hot topic for the automotive industry, and one that has attracted...

Tapping into the Data Cloud for Financial Services

Many Financial Services organizations today are recalibrating the way they run their business...

World Retail Banking Report 2021 Video

View video on World Retail Banking Report 2021 key findings and see how adopting...

World Retail Banking Report 2021 Infographic

Get an overview of World Retail Banking Report 2021 findings with our quick-read...

World Retail Banking Report 2021

Get an overview of World Retail Banking Report 2021 findings.

Future Sight podcast series

How to be a purpose-driven organization?

Tune in to our podcast as we discuss why an organization’s purpose is about the positive...


How to Unlock Value by Embracing Business-Led Transformation

This paper, How to Unlock Value by Embracing Business-Led Transformation, offers a guide to...

Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Capgemini is a Global Leader in Digital Services for Manufacturing

Avasant identified Capgemini as one of the leaders amongst 30 top-tier service providers

Customer Experiences Drive Carriers’ Cloud Strategies

Customer Experiences Drive Carriers’ Cloud Strategies with Capgemini, Amazon Web Services and...

Future Sight podcast series

Charting the road to recovery

Tune in to our podcast as we chart the global pandemic, from confusion to dawning realization...


Connected Marketing – Data and Compliance

Read our point-of-view paper to understand the strategic importance of data and compliance...

Center of Excellence Integration

Capgemini and SAP, the evolution toward an integrated enterprise

Capgemini’s Open Insurance Transformation Solution

Capgemini’s Open Insurance Transformation provides accelerated and risk mitigated...

Customer Data Readiness Assessment

This 10-minutes assessment can help Financial Services marketing, technology, operations, and...

Core Modernization for Building Future Banking Experiences

Capgemini teams up with Everest Group® to explore the key imperatives and challenges in core...

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Smart Substation

The bridge to the future

AI in Retail

Capgemini’s Retail Sustainability Solution “Circle”

Save time by not having to conduct a yard sale or take time posting and tracking online,...

Customer Experience

Customer Data Hub

Ensuring Omnichannel, hyper-personalized and immersive customer experience

COVID-19: Emerging perspectives for the post-trade industry

To ensure business continuity and resilience in the post COVID-19 era, adopting Industry 4.0...

Consumer Product Retail

The Future of Retail

Six takeaways from NRF 2021

Digital Manufacturing

The Industrialization of IoT and its Implementation

IoT connects physical machines and manufacturing equipment with the digital world of cloud,...

Future Sight podcast series

What’s next for wealth management?

Tune in for a fast-paced debate on whether you might be gambling with your wealth if you’re...

Brochure: Cybersecurity Experience Center

Experience a breach before it happens in our Cybersecurity Experience Center


5G for airport operations

As the aviation industry faces the prospect of long-term changes to ground operations, how...

Sustainable Banking

Planning the journey to sustainable business operations in Financial Services

Sustainable transition is now a business necessity for banks, and it will become a regulatory...


Finding a new balance in the automotive industry

The automotive sector’s already dizzying pace of change is accelerating. This report gives...

Digital and Product Innovation in Life and Group Benefits

Capgemini’s goal is to help insurers transform quickly but completely into innovative,...

Capgemini and Majesco Partnership

Capgemini and Majesco have partnered to build business and digital transformation...

Capgemini’s Services for Guidewire

Leading services and solutions to support your Guidewire initiatives

Environmental sustainability

The new working paradigm

Reaping the benefits of a new way of working.

Future Sight podcast series

The secret to scaling Artificial Intelligence

Tune in to our podcast for a glimpse into where AI is today and how far it might take us...

TechnoVision 2021

Balance by Design

Among this time of disruption and discontinuity, ‘Balance by design’ aims to help...

TechnoVision 2021

We Collaborate

It’s time to tap into the phenomenal power of the collaborative Technology Business, even as...

TechnoVision 2021

You Experience

The user experience is at the heart of intimacy between an enterprise and its audience,...

TechnoVision 2021

Thriving on Data

Every Enterprise should now be a Data-powered Enterprise.

TechnoVision 2021

Applications Unleashed

The applications portfolio of a thriving Technology Business is lightweight, easy to connect...

TechnoVision 2021

Invisible Infostructure

The infrastructure part of the IT landscape is a crucial foundation for any organization with...

TechnoVision 2021

Process on the Fly

Thriving on Data , breakthroughs with intelligent automation and a taste of autonomous...

Future Sight podcast series

Driving sustainability through mobility

Tune in to our podcast for an inside look at the car sharing industry, from the leaders of...

Future Sight podcast series

Decoding the vaccine supply chain

In January 2020, a COVID-19 vaccine didn’t exist. Yet, in an astonishing feat, vaccinations...

Top Trends in Insurance 2021 eBook

Dynamic and snackable, Capgemini Top Trends in Insurance 2021 eBook explores and analyzes the...

Top Trends in Banking 2021 eBook

Dynamic and snackable, Capgemini Top Trends in Banking 2021 eBook explores and analyzes the...

Future Sight podcast series

Can we innovate our way out of recession?

What is innovation – the next ‘big thing’ or steady evolution? Should you ramp up innovation...

Agile Transformation

Big firms have a structural problem with innovation…or do they?

Larger firms have expanded their innovation sourcing portfolios: continuing to take advantage...