Success story

A Telco Digital Transformation Journey with Tet

To improve customer experience Tet, a Latvia-based technology and entertainment business,...

Sustainability: the role of technology – and of blockchain

Foster the creation of reliable and sustainable supply chains through leveraging blockchain

#Energy #Utilities #EnergyTransition #ClimateChange

Bring digital grid at scale, on the critical path of the energy transition

Capgemini & Schneider Electric explore the urgent transformation facing grid operators

Business Services

A perspective on seamless customer operations

Customer experience and acquisition are among organizations’ top three priorities

Capgemini Invent

Data to the People

New Point of View “Data to the People” discusses the history, achievements, and immediate...

Business Services

From operator to orchestrator – the new role for GBS

Musings from the HFS Digital Roundtable – GBS is still relevant, but its role is changing to...

Public Sector

Public Sector IT Trends 2021-22

This report on IT trends in the public sector stems from Capgemini’s IT Trends Study, which...