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This quarterly review is Capgemini’s flagship publication targeted at a global audience. This is where we showcase diverse perspectives from best-in-class global brands, leading public figures, academics and influencers on a chosen theme. We feature a wide variety of content, including interviews, articles by guest contributors, and insights from some of the Institute’s reports.  Within such wealth and diversity of these global industry leaders’ opinions, there is something for everyone. We warmly invite you to explore.

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Circular Economy for a Sustainable Future

How organizations can empower consumers and transition to a circular economy 

Sustainable Operations

Capgemini Research Institute’s new report positions sustainability as a cornerstone of...

The Age of Insight

How Consumer Products and Retail organizations can accelerate value capture from data

Sustainable IT

Capgemini Research Institute’s new report positions sustainability as a cornerstone of...

The wake-up call

Building supply chain resilience in Consumer Product & Retail for a post-COVID world

Digital Mastery

How organizations have progressed in their digital transformations over the past two years

Fast forward

Rethinking supply chain resilience for a post-pandemic world

The data-powered enterprise

Why organizations must strengthen their data mastery

A New Playbook for Chief Marketing Officers

Why CMOs should enable real time marketing to drive sustained growth

Data Mastery

How data-powered organizations outperform their competitors

Next Destination: Software – summary

How automotive OEMs can harness the potential of software-driven transformation

The experts

Jerome Buvat

Expert in Digital Transformation & Strategy, Strategy & Transformation

Subrahmanyam KVJ

Expert in Digital Transformation, Future of Business, Innovation, Strategy

Nancy Manchanda

Expert in IT and Digital Research

Marisa Slatter

Expert in Strategy & Transformation

Ramya Krishna Puttur

Expert in Digital Transformation, Innovation, Analytics, Strategy