FATCA Compliance

"Financial institutions should be prepared to aggressively attack compliance with a dedicated strategy before deadlines. The approach should be coordinated in the least disruptive way possible with a ‘business as usual' mindset and an eye to minimizing costs."
- Aaron Kahler, Director, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Planning Today for Compliance Tomorrow

Financial institutions will soon become subject to the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Intended to combat offshore tax evasion by US taxpayers, FATCA will impose strict reporting, withholding, verification and record-keeping burdens on both US and non-US financial institutions.
By understanding and planning for compliance, financial institutions can:
  • Meet the deadline
  • Avoid costly manual processes
  • Potentially reuse existing investments from Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance

One Solution for Comprehensive Compliance

In partnership with DLA Piper and Pegasystems, Capgemini is part of a leading edge team that offers clients an end-to-end solution for FATCA compliance that addresses legal, business and IT requirements.
Our team can help you achieve:
  • Automated compliance to the maximum extent possible
  • A comprehensive compliance program covering all entities, lines of business, clients, geographies and products
  • A unified, scalable process to address evolving legal and business requirements
  • Up to 70% faster on-boarding through re-use of due diligence and rules-driven requirements
  • Implementation time minimized
  • Up to 85% re-use of data on a global scale

Combining Legal, Business and IT Expertise

The Capgemini, DLA Piper and Pegasystems team offers a powerful combination of leading legal, business and IT knowledge built on agile technology to facilitate compliance and costs savings.
The comprehensive offering includes 3 elements:
  • Legal Advisory Services: DLA Piper reviews your businesses, products, customers and geographies to advise on a Foreign Financial Institution’s (FFI’s) FATCA obligations.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Technology: Pegasystems technology manages all aspects of FATCA within automated integrated systems management, including look-back automation and automated indicia rating. 
  • Integration and Configuration Services: Capgemini bridges the gap between business and legal requirements and technology by developing a risk-based program, configuring system interfaces and aligning IT and legal capabilities to help you implement a compliance program that meets FATCA requirements.

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